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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> french jets target i.s.i.l. targets for the first time in iran. this as 21 are arrested in belgium as a third day of lock down for brussels. hello there i'm barbara serra, you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up on the program. the ceasefire deal between two tribes in libya which may allow hundreds of thousands of displaced people to return home. bath for control. yemeni government force he and houthis try oestablish dominance
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over the strategic city of ta'izz. and fresh from celebrating his victory, argentina's new president gets down to business starting with action against venezuela. hello there thank you for joining us. france has launched its first air strikes against i.s.i.l. nargttargets in iraq in its chas de gaulle aircraft carrier. francois hollande started the week visiting the bataclan club with british prime minister david cameron. next hollande travels to washington where he's going to meet the u.s. president barack obama on tuesday.
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and wednesday, he is meeting angela merkel in paris and then on to moscow to meet vladimir putin. schools metro rail and museums are all closed, andrew simmons is in paris with more. >> in position and operational. the charles de gaulle aircraft carrier, bombs loaded, a french foreign ministry spokesman says the first action he in iraq. the action coincided with francois hollande meeting u.k. prime minister david cameron. a visit that started woo solemn moment. two men were the at the bataclan theater, the sign of a dizzy ma'adismalgun battle.
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extending air strikes against i.s.i.l. into syria. >> a comprehensive strategy for tackling i.s.i.l, i firmly support the action that president hollande has taken to strike i.s.i.l. in syria and it's my firm conviction that britt ann shoulbritain should d. >> translator: we're convinced we must continue to strike i.s.i.l. in syria. we will increase air strikes. our aircraft carrier have been mandated to strike and strike hard against i.s.i.l. >> france isn't just looking for military support. it wants to bolster agreements to improve european union intelligence cooperation and impose more border chebs within thchecks withineu. francois hollande finds his popularity increasing.
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one poll says more than 90% support his action he so be far. the hollande cameron meeting and their simple gesture, a single rose among the numerous flowers, diplomatly this week could be the hardest of his presidency, trying to get support over what he calls the war against nile syria. but france can't go it alean. they will review the military options against i.s.i.l. and talk about russian involvement. the u.s. president and his counterpart vladimir putin appear to have broken it will ice between them at the g20 meeting earlier this month. in an effort to secure a deal with putin hollande will also meet germany's chancellor angela
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merkel, no doubt consult her on the prospect of putin being on board. heavily committed to supporting syria's president bashar al-assad. going to want concessions. demanding of sanctions of his efforts in ukraine. that may be too difficult to overlook. the strike back from the charles de gaulle. for now, france is supporting its president's movements with high approval ratings but no one can be sure when the suffering will end. back at the bataclan, where so many young people died ten days ago, there's still a sense of disbelief. andrew simmons, al jazeera, paris. >> russia's military says it's hit 472 targets in syria over the weekend. describing the areas hit as
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terrorist objects. stayed media and the monitoring group says helping syria recapture in the area of homs. its air force says tankers carrying crude oil to factories controlled by i.s.i.l. were among the targets. concerns of russia's use of cruise missiles from the caspian sea, closing area of northern iraq to civilian flight. russian missiles heading for targets in syria travel almost 1500 kilometers over iraq and iran. vladimir putin is in the iranian capital for an oil and gas summit but the war in syria is dominating talks. al jazeera's rory challands has more from moscow. >> a jam packed diplomatic day
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for russian president in tehran. three main items on the schedule. having a meeting with the iranian president rouhani and also talking with the supreme leader of iran, ali khamenei. now had a meeting went on for longer than we thought it would. the presidential spokesperson dimitri peskov says they talked for an hour and a half, discussing many different things, bilateral relations, syria one of the main topics of discussion. and dimitri peskov said the these two men did broadly agree that a political settlement for syria cannot be imposed on the country from outside. that of course is a direct reference to what these two countries think the west is trying to do, insisting that assad step down. putin said that no one can tell
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syrians, which form of government and which leader they must choose. of course that tells us what these two agreed on. what it doesn't say anything about is what they disagreed on. and that's what western governments will be looking for here, any sign of discord between tehran and moscow which have a cozy relationship at the moment but any sign of any kind of friction, any sign of any disagreements about what the fate is for assad and whether they are still committed that he is the man for syria's future. >> thousands of police and soldiers are still patrolling the streets of brussels on the city's third day in lock down. schools, the metro rail, shops, cinemas museums, remain closed. the alert center is on the hunt for the belgian national, salah
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abdeslam. paul brennan reports from brussels. >> level 4 emergency status has shown the brussels your honor ground metro system closed for third day. staff direct people to alternative routes. the overground transport system is running but the knock down effect of the security clamp down has been enormous. >> they say they drive normally but i just say and they drive normally but a lot of drivers didn't come to work out of owners just because they are scared. >> i go to work in hospital. but the metro, no, no metro. so i take tram and tram and tram. so go in hospital for work. >> lock down around illegal yum's iconic grand place.
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in a series of coordinated raids, search and arrest operations mounted at locations around brussels and also 25 kilometers away. after a week of apparently little progress in the manhunt police pounced. past midnight when the prosecutors gave the results of the crack down. >> the the office and investigating judge specializing in terrorist cases ordered a total of 19 house searches in the brussels region. until now, no firearms or explosives were found. salah abdeslam is not, not among the persons arrested during these searches. >> reporter: police believe that when he escaped after the paris attacks, 26-year-old salah abdeslam may have still been wearing an explosive vest. while he remains on the run,
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alerts will continue. one belgian bank has told employees to work from home. intelligence chiefs and the prime minister will meet later on monday, until then the city can only watch and wait. paul brennan, al jazeera, brussels. >> well, in the last hour the belgian prime minister has said the alert remains at the highest level and will be reviewed later on monday. he says services will begin to reopen on monday. >> we want to do everything we can to return as quickly as possible to normal life. it was decided that schools will be reopened as of wednesday, with additional security measures around schools, and that the metro would be opened also, after wednesday, it's possible that the opening of the metro may be progressive. but everything may be done so we can open it as extensively as
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possible. >> neave barker is live for us outside the prime minister's office in brussels. so neeive, wha neave, what elsef this news conference? >> translator: >> reporter: well finally the irnlings request that we were waiting for, security levels will remain at the maximum here in brussels until at least monday although he said that by wednesday, they hope that the metro and schools and universities will reopen. currently the threat level is at number 4, it's at number three in the rest of the country. in security terms, possibility of an astack is viewed as imminent here in brussels, here in the capital, and viewed as probable elsewhere in the country. there was of course still intelligence behind all of this. and the fact that salah abdeslam, one of the most wanted men in europe has added to these
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concerns as well. in the last 24 hours there's been a real flurry of activity by security personnel, different parts in the country, in the capital, the focus has been on the historic section of mollenbeck, and reports in leige towards germany and charleois, 25 kilometers from the capital. about 27,000 in cash seized, last few hours, we've just also heard from the prosecutors office who have confirmed that 17 of those 21 people have now been released. three remain in custody, and three of those 21 have been charged with terror related offenses. we believe links directly to the paris attacks ten days ago.
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that's what the scene here in the belgian capital as we saw in that report, start of the working week it's far from an ordinary monday morning. many people have struggled to return to work, other people have just decide to stay at home altogether. the hit trow remains closed, schools and universities remain closed as well and the government has advised people to stay away from crowded locations. the question really now is, as we consider the implications of another week of maximum security in brussels to what extent this is really sustainable and to what extent people will really carry on implementing this for at least another seven days. >> navy beark with thneave barke latest. thank you. still to come on the program. police shoot two palestinian
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>> time now for a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. france has launched its first air strikes on i.s.i.l. there its charles de gaulle aircraft carriers. in the fight to defeat i.s.i.l. following paris attacks.
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belgian authorities have charged a fourth suspect with terrorism offenses, detained 16 people during weekend raids. metro is reopened on wednesday after being shut down. one palestinian girl shot dead and another wounded after they tried to stab a 70-year-old man they misto mistook for an i. key changes to its foreign policy, mauricio macri woven, in a news conference at buenos aires he said he would revitalize the economy with free market reforms and improve relations with the united states. >> translator: i'm going to put together the economic team as soon as possible. i'm not going to appoint an
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economy minister. there will be a minister of finance and six members that will make up an economy cabinet. that way they can immediately determine what the real economic situation is. >> let's go live to buenos aires and teresa vo. what for reaction have we this to macri's victory? >> well, macri has said that he wants to build consensus, that he wants to rule for everyone. and he asks people to forget about the political confrontations that have existed in this country for last 12 years. macri also said, but even though well financial markets have said and expressed their relief in a way about this change that is coming to argentina, some human rights groups have expressed a worry about what will happen with a macri government with human rights trial, with people tried for human rights abuses during the political dictator
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ship. there was an editorial asking for end of revenge. seeking revenge of those involved in human rights abuse he. macri said that the trials will continue that the judiciary is going to be independent so that there is not going to be impoount. so people -- this is one of the things that -- impunity. this is people, within the party, the way it balances out is going to say a lot about his government and whether he's going to be able to prevent confrontation in the argentina that comes. >> teresa vo with the latest from buenos aires, teresa, thank you. a ceasefire agreement last been signed in qatar aimed at ending 14 months of fighting in southern libya, the leaders of tribes also required for the return of hundreds of thousands of displaced people. our correspondent omar al saleh
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was at the signing ceremony. >> these men are leaders of the tebu and tuareg tribes in the city of obari. the powerful tribes have been fighting each other since september last year, the deal calls for immediate ceasefire, returning the displaced and opening the main road leading to obadi. >> starting construction and development period and reconciliation. raf 14 months of war i think all of us are convinced no one has an interest in war. the implementation is important and we hope neighboring countries will help us because the spark of war can reach all countries including europe. >> many here are hailing this deal a success but there are fears of renewed fighting. ing discussions were secretly take place here in doha.
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the question is whether this ceasefire deal will end the clark between tribes which lasted for over a year. >> the tabu and tuareg lived together for many years in the desert. there are fingers of regional powers and competing political orientations and ideologies. it is not merely a tribal conflict. >> the qatari mediator hopes the signing of the deal will stabilize the rest of libya. >> we have said that the importance of the stability of this area itself is the cornerstone for the stability of thlibya. because you know the house threat, how easy it is going to be to incubate and become a fertile land for different extremist groups and different army groups. >> tribal and ethnic fighting in southern libya has existed since
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moammar gadhafi was toppled in 2011. unemployment is high and the area is largely underdeveloped. southern libya has a complex tribal and social mix. it's home to african toare imrvetion anreg andam-ari tribe. bloody power struggle between two competing dwfts and parliaments. one is based in the capital tripoli and the other in the eastern city of tobruk. the united nations is trying obroker an international unity deal. the agreement could be a step to that goal. joins us now from tunis, sir, thank you for joining us on al jazeera.
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the general national congress has just recognized the signing of the agreement between the tribes. how much of a difference is this actually going to make to libya's security overall the deal that the two have managed to strike? >> it makes a difference for sure. this is at least one step further in the peace agreement, one of the several steps in the peace agreement that should be signed in libya. and for you are, now, we have two tribes, at least two parts of two tribes that did sign an agreement and they were fighting against each other over the last 12 months or so. however, it remains very as you said it's the general congress the tripoli's government that welcome this news, the tripoli government that is cheering for this agreement but from the other side which means the
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tobruk government, to allow supporting in one side in this conflict, there is no -- a lot of skeptic schism and almost no agreement. the agreement was signed but there are a lot of parts that do not agree which makes this agreement extremely fragile to be implemented. >> reporter: since the paris attacks ten days, we heard from the french foreign ministers. unless they stop fighting each other and take on the islamic of iraq and the le vanity how much reinfluenced focus might there be on libya and what kind of reaction would that have? do you think that would speed up any kind of reconciliation between the various groups involved? >> i do know that what happened in france now we have a lot of
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attention on the actives are daesh akd the other extremist group of and a lot of attention is now directed towards syria but last -- towards syria and iraq and also to the other inner of daesh in the region which is libya. which libya is becoming gradual. gradually. the european union and the regional countries are looking at libya and saying what to do next. so a lot of people are pushing for settlements in libya and for union in libya against daesh, and we are mentioning france here because france has a lot of influence in the area where these two tribes live, where these conflicts were raging for the last 12 months, you yufed to
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be under french direct supervision in the tbaitd are 5t remains france has a lot of interest in having this dpreavment signed but once given the problem is, it's not only france oral jeer ya an egypt. fighting against each other in the proxy war in libya and in another way. >> that's why the diplomacy situation in libya, how much confidence do you think there's in the new ambassador? >> in him personally, a little bit better than that the libyans had in his pred said, in a very bad situation because of the reputation because of the reputation of his pret said for
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libya. so the new envoy is now having several meetings. he had single meetings in tunisia and now wengt to co-but for the time being everybody is skeptical and the agreement that he is trying to sign for all libya between all libyans is still far far away. >> yowfeyoussef chi thank you fr joining us here. houthi rebels and government forces are battling for the control of ta'izz. since then the yeunt united nats
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5700 have been killed and many more injured. another low turnout. cairo and 14 other provinces are voting. to replace a parliament system. mother-in-law, landslide buried a camp by a near mine. the disaster happened after a mountain of waste collapsed near a jade mine inment kachin state. many of the victims were those who pick through waste in hopes of finding a piece of the valuables. a rare northern white rhino has died in a san diego zoo. the 41-year-old smeafl, nola,
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was unde41-year-old female.mores >> june 2010, fighting erupts between the uzbek and kyrgyz communities of southern kyrgyzstan. the violence spreads from osh to nearby towns. >> they came and started looting houses, killing people.


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